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Had a desire for a couple of new time pieces and found these two on after Christmas sales during February. The Victorinox Classic has the same ETA G10.211 movement as many Tissot models and the Wenger Roadster has what I believe to be a Ronda 515 movement. I had a gift card from work so I was expecting it to just pay for a portion of one watch but I walked away with two and leftover money on the plastic.


Got the two for under $120 on clearances just because they didn’t all sell during the holidays. The pair had been marked down from retails of about $600 and $200 respectively. Proof that you don’t have to spend a lot to get a decent quality quartz Swiss watch. My next hunt is a mission to find a Swiss automatic for under $150. I currently have 2 auto and 8 quartz watches. The small not pricey collection is now at 1 French, 2 Swiss, 6 Japanese and 1 Chinese watch.

The Wenger is now on a black and gray Zulu Bond band with black PVD rings. Its become my work watch at the dealership and after these several months I’m wondering if it has a ceramic bezel like the Victorinox. Somehow it has resisted getting even a single scratch while handling car parts all day which is remarkable. The coated crystal has an almost matte finish that seems anti-glare as well as being a substantially scratch resistant finish. Almost 3 month in a dealership environment with not so much as a single mark is shocking. My Heuer crystal wasn’t anywhere near that tough. I’ll update the watch fanatics if I can find a cheap automatic. It will have to be at least 100m water resistant so no cheap ebay models can be in the running and I’m trying to stay at a 40-44mm case size.

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